We decided to maintain the legacy of an old family tradition by keeping a small family vineyard and using it to produce natural wine fermented in oak barrels for the season.


We decided to branch out from the old grenache vines, so we increased the vineyard surface and planted new vines of the Tempranillo variety (or Tinta Fina as it is called in the region). In the old agricultural census our vineyard is called The Vineyards of  Narros, located in Langa, Ávila.

We grow our grapes on sandy loam soil 870 meters (2,854 feet)  above sea level, in an area with low rainfall. We chose not to use modern trellises to support our plants but rather the traditional slightly raised glass ungrafted. Each strain well separated in order to avoid their interference and to encourage better light absorption. As a result, we have a High Altitude Vineyard, a vineyard with a differentiated personality.


Pine forests surround our vineyard so it is very common to find birds of all kind. Among  them, there is one whose song evokes joy: The SKYLARK. We want our wines should be like her: cheerful, evocative and pacifying.